High School Staff



Banks, Rebecca - Strategy Specialist
Barron, Terri - Language Arts
Bowers, Adam - Social Studies 
Brewer, Dylan -  Math
Bridgeman, Colinda - Math
Bubenheim, Rebecca- Math
Bullock, Jamie - Physical Education
Burch, Patricia - Strategy Specialist
Carroll, Dobie - Band 
Cauley, Jeff  -  Language Arts  

Cross, Steve - Language Arts
Dallas, David - Physical Education 
Davis, Guadalupe - Spanish
Dickey, Dawn -  Strategy Specialist
Douglas, Ashley - Language Arts/Yearbook  
Duncan, Dawn - Counselor

Gentry, Kelly - Language Arts/Drama
Grapperhaus, Jeff - Science
Grohs, Elizabeth - Science
Guggenberger, Erin - Science  
Hannah, Amy - Strategy Specialist
Harris, Dan - Business 
Hoehn, Mary - Art  
Hulsey, Lucas - Industrial Technology

Jones, Brian - Industrial Arts  
Karsch, Douglas - Business/Science 
Kassabaum, Jenelle - Strategy Specialist  
Kemp, Courtney - Social Studies
Kohm, Lori - Counselor
Lee, Amy  -  Family and Consumer Sciences            
Marler, Justin - Language Arts
Martin, Patricia - Strategy Specialist
McFarland, Danny - Science
McLain, Christopher - Physical Education/Health
Mitchell, Bart - Math

Moon, Connie - Strategy Specialist
Morris, Jacquelyn - At-Risk Instruction
Mullins, Joshua - Spanish
Myers, Jessica -Stragety Specialist
Neubrand- Bill - Social Studies
Ogden, Ralph - Social Studies
Palmer, Jimmy - Math 
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Politte, Ray - Science
Poole, Lydia  -  Math
Rawson, Gary - Math/Science
Ridings, Linda - Strategy Specialist
Rizo, Allyn - Vocal Music
Schonhardt, Erik - Social Studies
Schroer, Paul - Strategy Specialist

Schrum, Amanda - Strategy Specialist
Schunks, Ellen - Language Arts
Seaton, Nicole - Science  
Shipman, Katherine  -  Family and Consumer Sciences
Shumate, Karen - Strategy Specialist
Stanfill, Robin - In-School-Suspension  
Tucker, Jimmy - Physical Education
VanZee, Sara- Art  
Woolard, Jennifer - French/Social Studies
Wooford, James -Alternative School
Yount, Anna - Librarian 
Yount, Kyle - Science
Boyer, Jennifer - Paraprofessional
Breck, Patrick - Testing Center
Gilliland, Julie - Counseling Secretary
Harris, Lori - Principal's Secretary  
Hawkins, Kelli - Athletic Director Secretary
Landolt, Holly - School Nurse
Pratte, Ramona - Stragety Specialist Aide 
Pryor, Barb - Paraprofessional          
Shelton, Lisa - Stragety Specialist Aide
Starky, Kelly - Library Aide
Taylor, Lee Ann -  Counseling Secretary/A+ Program
Wampler, Shelley  - Assistant Principal's Secretary