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Inventory Disposal Request Form 


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SIS Gradebook Introduction - video

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SIS Web Inventory


ARC Alignment Tool


High School EOC Teacher Login



Google Mail (Gmail)

Google Docs and Mail

How to Upload Files to Google Docs

How to Login to Google Apps for Education

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District Forms

Evaluation Forms

Certified Form

Counselor Forms

Library Media Specialist Form

Classified Form

Exit Interview Form


Professional Development Forms:

Professional Development Plan Form

Professional Development Plan Follow Up Form

Professional Development Hours Form


NCSD Salary Schedules
(Open the schedules then scroll to access
all schedules including classified staff.)


Miscellaneous Form

Employment Benefits FAQ

Safe Schools Training

Public Notice

Life Threatening Allergies

Notice to Employees (403b)


 Career Ladder

Career Ladder Handbook
Career Ladder Plan (Forms)
Time Log (Form)

Follow these instructions carefully:   
1.  Open the form. 
2. Save (save before beginning to fill out the form). 
3. Within the grey boxes 'click' once! If you click twice you will have a 'pop up' window appear. Close window and 'click' once. 
4. Type in the grey area.
5.  The text should now be entered on your form. 
6. Good Luck!     



Tuition Reimbursement Form:
Application for Tuition Reimbursement
- Print on 'Pink Paper'. (Pink Paper)


Tuition Reimbursement Request


Aflac Reimbursement Forms
(These forms will now be titled 'Take Care' by WageWorks.)
Select the correct form:

Health Care Account
Dependent Care Account


Employee Personal & Professional Request Forms:

If you are requesting Professional Development funds to pay for the conference use the following form:
Request to Attend Professional Development Opportunity   (Print on 'Blue Paper')


 If you are requesting to attend a conference that Professional Development funds will not be used to pay for the conference, or requesting a field trip use the following form:
Leave Request Form     Print on 'Yellow Paper'. (Yellow Paper)


Mileage Forms:

Print both forms on Green Paper. Forms are in Excel. Download to your computer and Excel will calculate your reimbursement.

Mileage Register Form for employees that travel daily between buildings.

Mileage Form for employee registration fees, food, lodging, and mileage, etc.