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The North County School District R-I will be using SISK12 commencing the 2009-2010 school year.SISK12 is the name of the program and will be accessed via the internet.It is our intent to make it easier for regular classroom and special education teachers to access their grade books and edit IEP documents from home as well as at their school buildings.


Keep watching this page for updates.We are planning implementation to begin during the month of March, 2009 with all aspects of the program operational at the beginning of the next school year.The overall basic appearance of the screens will be quite different, but the main tasks performed will be basically the same. It is my intent that teachers and other related staff can be given access to the sample version of this program in the near future so that they can become familiar with the new look and experiment and practice student data.


Faculty and staff will be provided access to training materials and sessions provided by district staff along with pre-recorded training videos for self training.Below are the first video that you need to review.If necessary you may need to click the codec link to download a code for your video player to display the image.You may login to the sample website to view the SISK12 Product by clicking on the link below.BE SURE TO SAVE AND PRINT THE POSSIBLE USER IDíS AND PASSWORDS FROM THE LINK BELOW.




CAUTION:Preview conversion video prior to exploring in the sample website.


SISK12 SAMPLE SITE†† See Document link below for various user options






CHEAT SHEETSDownload, save and print these sheets to assist you in your video training experience.





Lillie Porterfield, SISK12 Consultant




Lori Kohm, SISK12 Coordinator